Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dance Dance.. Tap! Tap!

What I want to review here is not Tap Tap Revenge... As you know, I like music games, and I found this Asian app for my iPad.
Yes, this is not a universal language app, but I believe you still can play this app without understand the meaning of the language.
The title is written in Chinese Lang.

Yeah, that's the name of the app. Although, I have Chinese blood but I'm not too smart to read that. However, I promised I'll mastered that language someday, as I proud to be Chinese. Ps: I don't live at China or the country which use Chinese Lang. That's why my Chinese Lang was so bad... :(
Okay... Forget about that?
Why I want to review this app?
I don't know exactly when this app was released. I just played this at May 2012, and the latest updated is on August 3,2012.
The update just change the dancing songs, not too much as my wishes in my previous review.. lol
What I love from this Boomboom app *okay just call this app like that for make it easier to call* is the amazing 3D graphics.
The dancer here is a girl which u can personalize her appearance at first time only when u registering your user name. Huh,,, actually,I wish I can change her outfits, hair, etc.
Okay, despite of the character... How about the game play?
Come on, the instruction is using Chinese characters. I can't read that. Same as me, but I believe u will be easy to learn. The instruction is user friendly, use a short video tutorial which guide you to imitate the move.
So easy to learn.

Just three easy steps to play...
Touch n Roll
Touch n Hold
Easy right?

May be you're not too familiar with the songs,right? I wish for the next update we can using our own songs. However, it still okay to play with these songs.
Hmm, every app has pro also cons... Nah, my cons here is we can't play the next song before we mastered the previous song. There are 19 songs here which u can play at this update. U still be able to play another song but you must pay 5-9 coins for each play or mastered the song instantly costs 120 coins.
Wait...? What do you think? Freemium?... Exactly.. :D
This game is free-to-play. Buy additional coins with IAP.
Log in everyday for getting 20 extra coins. At first time you will got 200 coins. Quite enough to try playing each songs.
This games unlike the other dancing game. The dancer's movement always different for each song. This what I love from this game. The 3D graphic from this game was so awesome...
See some screen shots below.. Some of my movement miss caused by I taking screen shots.. ;(

Look there's a multiplayer too..
Yeah, this is great. U will be challenged to play with other player randomly. Every right steps u get will attack your opponent. This is so fun!
Alright, let's download

Download 勁舞甜心 for iOS devices

Still confusing? See the video trailer below

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