Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'll prove my love to you!

Keen and Jean is a sweet couple... Keen diving into the marine to catch fishes using net for showing his love to win Jean's heart.
The background story from this game made me curious to play this game.
Fish Together HD
Firstly, this game was cost $1.99 , after I wait for several weeks. It's become free app. However, according to my thinking, it's a freemium app... Must be happy or not...
Alright, despite of the freemium app. This app still comfortable to be play. Though, this isn't truly HD as the description, at least it provide full screen playing.
There is ads in top left corner, don't worry... It's kinda small and not too disturbing you while you're playing.
There is store too. You don't need to buy from this store if you're not an addicted for this game.
There are Big Net to catch the biggest fish easier, wait easier? Yeah, that's mean if you can use regular net to catch the biggest fish too, bit u need a trick to did that.
The Big Purse cost 10 coin for each click. Hmm, I don't think I need this. Jean is a generous girlfriend she will give small purse cost 1 coin for click. So how many coins you get, it depends your quick tap in the purse.
Ballon... Na, for this one u won't see this forever if u don't purchase it.
This ballon bring a big coin purse.
Wait... So far, u must be guessing for what the coins are used?
Power ups??
Sorry, you're wrong at this time. The coins are used to use net.
1 coin for the smallest net and 7 coins for the biggest net (The Big Net in the store which available by purchase $0.99 is the most biggest net in this game which cost 8 coins for each use)

What is the different?
Easy... Use the small net to catch the smallest fishes, it cost one coin.
The bigger net for bigger fish. Nah, for the biggest fish if you don't love to purchase anything at store, what u need to do is use the seventh net twice to catch that fish. I sure u can. For the biggest fish u will got 16 coins as the reward.
Not enough coins for playing? Just wait until Jean come and drop a small purse. Click that purse as quick as u can. 1 coin for each click.
I sure u will be have enough coins to play until you bored.. LOL
There's level up too in this game.. What does it use? Unfortunately, I haven't know it yet... :P My guess it's like level up the skill of throwing the nets or something similar..

Bored cause playing alone? Don't worry there's a multiplayer too which can be played by two persons in the same device.
Overall, for a freemium app, this isn't bad. This app is different from another freemium app like Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Team Lava's Games, etc. So I give this 3 from 5 stars. If there isn't ads n become the truly HD, maybe I'll give 4 from 5 stars... LOL
Unfortunately, this app doesn't integrated with Game Center or Open Feint...
Alright, time to download

Download Fish Together HD for iPad

Download Fish Together for iPhone/ iTouch

Ps: iPhone/ iTouch ver. is a paid app cost $0.99... I believe there's no ads inside the app.. 8)

Wait, almost forget... Use your super power to catch multi fishes... When the heart button become fill red. Click it to release the flower nets... ;D
See the picture above for more details..

Please note: i never write this for benefit or something for profit. This review is based as my personal use/ experiments. I'm not promoting here. Thank you for your attention

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