Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flight!: Dear Santa, I Want to See My Mommy this Christmas

Yeah, the title of my post is the first story of this game. This game tells about a girl who want to send a message to Santa to bring her mother back when Chirstmas is coming.
With a message paper, the girl make it as a plane and throw it to the sky, let the wind bring the letter to the Santa as far as she hopes. The first town which the plane visit is London, after the plane reaches 1000 M. The plane transits in Paris. There's a bit funny story here, when the man got the plane which hit his face, he opened and read it. He thinks if the letter is from his girlfriend who has the same name with the child, Sandy. Then, he decide to fly the paper plane again through the Paris and other plane's adventure was begin. I believe there's another story in other cities. However, I haven't know it yet. :)

How about the control?
At first time, you won't be able to control the plane at all.
Collect the stars to gain money, every $5 for each star which you collected. Hit the red bird paper to multiply the bonus you get.
You can get instant money for buying the power ups by purchasing IAP in shop.
There are so many power ups, which you must active for comfortable playing.
Activate the tilt playing control by purchase the power ups. I really recommend you for upgrade the flight control.
Don't forget to activate the windmill ( hurricane) to boost the plane when it go down.
The better plane model, make your plane fly last longer... It has more fuel too.
Buy the fuel permanently which you can refill by collecting the stars. It cost $15,000 ... Huh, so expensive.. :(
See the upgrade screen shots below for your information.
Make sure to upgrade the power ups which I give the red circle outside.

Alright, Armor Games made this game properly. Smooth in graphics, innovative in game play, and over all this game is nice to try, and one more it's free.
Just download it now... It's so simple to play.. :)

Download Flight! for iOS Devices

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