Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Challenging from Match-three Game

Space Pombo!

I love to play game since I was in Elementary School. At that time, I played game such as time- management , match-three, and another classic games... So for a while, especially right now, I become so bored with kind of those games
However, finally I found a match-three game with a new package.
Space Pombo!
Yeah, this game is a match- three games, but it packaged in new way.
I was bored with a match-three game when I can't move the block anymore. That's so annoying. I want gain higher score but it's kinda hard for me. I know that's the challenge. In addition, I'm bored with the game play too.

Finally, I found Space Pombo!
A match-three game which u can move the blocks as you love. Create the match color blocks as many as possible.
Increase your level... So far I just can play till level 121. It become harder to play as u increase the level. The block will become rock and you need to make combo to combo to crack that.
When the blocks become rocks, it will limit your movement. U can't move the block again as easy as u want. You need to think more for make the combos.
That's so challenging...
There are online playing too, and integrated with Game Center. Yeah!

Come on...
What are you waiting for? Just download it, only cost $0,99. It's so addicted to play you know.

Download Space Pombo!

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