Thursday, August 9, 2012

Monster Life: Build Your Own Ally Monsters

Monster Life
Another simulation game from Gameloft. This game is a freemium app.
However, I believe this game will so addicted. Unlike usual freemium app which must connect to the server for playing. You don't need to connect the Internet for playing. You just need connect the Internet to share your score or visit your neighbors, or when u purchased some gems ;D only.
What about the graphic...?
For small size download n become about 175 MB after installed , you got great HD smooth graphics.
Don't say the pics look too stiff with some corner in monster's bodies.
Come on it's a paper world, which monsters are built with papers.
For the graphics , I'll give 2 thumbs up for Gameloft.

Build n pet your monsters. Train and take care your monsters. You can gain some coins by challenge your monsters with other monsters in fighting area.
You will get 5 gems every level up. Gain some friend stones when u give or accepted gifts from your friends. Use the friend stones to expand your ranch or fighting with other monsters.
Just need few minutes to learn how to play. Oh, one more you don't need to wait your building to be built perfectly.
There are 4 elements of monsters. Plant, Water, Fire, and Air.
Unfortunately, so far as I know , there's no breeding facility. U just can get great monsters by buying only using gems. Gems monsters have greater abilities than coins monsters. However, there's no problem if u can set strategy for fighting, you won't be a loser.
Don't forget to feed , train/ play , clean or pet your monsters sometimes to increase your monster level. When your monster is level up. It has greater ability than before.
So, I believe it will be great if you try to play this game. Unfortunately, this doesn't integrate with Game Center, but, just try it and u'll be amazed by that.

Download Monster Life for iOS devices

Download Monster Life for Android Devices

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