Saturday, June 23, 2012

Don't say you are music master if u haven't beat this yet!

Do you love to sing or listening to the music?
Come on don't say you're a music master before you try this app.
Song Pop

A new innovative app for you music lover.
Have u try to play Draw Something by OMG POP?
If yes, this is similar with that app but in different way.
If Draw Something , let's you draw a pic likes the instruction you got. Like draw an apple, orange, etc n challenge other person to guess it.

Song Pop does the same thing but the thing which you must guess is a music.
You must guess the title of the song or the singer.
There are many packs of songs which you can choose to guess like
Collect coins by guess the songs. Just listen carefully and answer it correct and quickly. Collect the star by answer 5 in arrow songs correctly.
Are u not familiar with some songs? Don't worry choose the region which you want. Match with your favorite and familiar songs from your country.
Unfortunately, it's only available for Deutschland, UK, America, France, Italy, Brazil and España.
Wish they can add more regions for another songs...
Like Korea🇰🇷 may be 😜or China🇨🇳 LOL

You must connect your device to the Internet for play this app. Log in using your Facebook account or your e-mail.
This app is free to download. Additional cost may added if you purchased some coins.

Allright, don't wait too long... Eager to try this app
Download it here

Download SongPop for iOS devices

Download Song Pop for Android Devices

See some print preview below, so you more familiar with the app

Please note: i never write this for benefit or something for profit. This review is based as my personal use/ experiments. I'm not promoting here. Thank you for your attention
Some contents are clear due to keep the privation

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Create Your Dream House

Miss to play The Sims? What do u love from play The Sims?
If you miss to build home for your Sims. Design This Home can heal your longing...

Design This Home
A freemium app for you who loves to create or design your dream home.
Build and decorate your home with anything you love. Unlike The Sims, the home residents can't interact with each other. They just like 'decoration' for this game.
Alright, like the other freemium app. There are 2 income from the house, you will get money from collecting your house value and collecting coin for each share to twitter/ Facebook when u level up (I haven't update this game yet due to Internet connection issue, it said there's other way to get coins without buying in the new version, just check it later and I'll update this post ASAP).
Complete the task to earn rewards, it can be money or coins. This game is actual time game. Like when the decoration said arrive at an hour. You should be patient to wait it.
Every equipments at your house include plants are need to be take care. You will get some money for did that.
Build your house from the living room, to kitchen then expand it as many as you like.
The developer said will update neighbor facility soon. It will be great if we can visit other house from our community.
The negative side from this app, we can't build the room by our self. This app locate the kitchen in left side of living room. Sometimes, we want to re-make it. Unfortunately, this app doesn't allowed it.
So, this app is like decorating your home only, not designing the building. This app is over 50 Mb, you can download this game from iTunes at your computer or over Wi-Fi.

Download Design This Home for iOS Devices

See some screen preview below from the app

Please note: i never write this for benefit or something for profit. This review is based as my personal use/ experiments. I'm not promoting here. Thank you for your attention

Time to Cooking, Time to Open Your Bakery

Do you love eating?
May be people not love for eating, but must..
If I ask do you love cooking?
May be this game not likes Cooking Mama or something game which guide you to make foods.
Bakery Story

A new way for you who loves bake cake but don't know how to make it.
A simulation game from TeamLava which must connect to Internet for you able to play.
This game provides many cooking equipments like oven, drink mixer, ice cream maker, donut maker, n some limited cooking equipments.
You can make delicious foods just one click only. No need for you to clean the table after your customers done eating. However, this game uses actual time you must waiting to serve your foods.
For example: I want to make brownies, in instruction there's 1 minute for ready to serve, that's mean you must wait 1 minute or 60 seconds in actual time for serving your brownies.
So many kinds of breads, ice creams, beverage, donuts with different time to serve.
From 60 seconds until 2 days.
The best part from this game is....

You can decorate your bakery using gems or coins. You gain coins by selling your foods, and gems are gain by buying it (the cheapest price is $4.99 for 24 gems) or you can get it by filling your cooking bar on 2 and 4.
What does it mean?

Look at the pic above..
See the blue circle. That's what I mean with cooking bar. Fill it until max 4. When you fill it at 1 n 3 you will get some coins, and get 1 gem in 2 and 4.
Another way to gain gems, complete the badges. One gem for each complete badge.

Like the other TeamLava game.. You must use Strom8 ID for adding friends. Your friends will become your neighbors. Leave 3 tipped for your friends at community and 6 tipped for your neighbors to raise your popularity 4 star.
Some of decoration or cooking equipments need material to build it. Complete it by request to your neighbors.
Remember you only ask help once a day. So, it recommended to have many neighbors at least more than 50. That's mean you just need shirt time to build your cooking equipments.
Neighbors can give you food or beverage or material parts use gift button. You can accept or decline it that's up to you.
The last one, BakeryStory have social button, that's "Wall".. Leave your message at your wall or friends wall to keep in touch.

Every week you will get new update like new decorations, tables, chairs, cooking equipments, etc.
Sometime, there's a limited edition item which can bought by gems only. It only available for 4 days. The update available each week every Friday. The mysterious box which cost 24 gems has limited edition item too.
You need to expand your bakery too for make it bigger. There's an easy tutorial for you before play. Just need few seconds to learn it. So, what are you waiting for? Come let's play it.

Oops, need download ...? It's absolutely free...
Additional cost may added when you purchased gems.

Download Bakery Story for iOS Devices

Download Bakery Story for Android Users

Please note: i never write this for benefit or something for profit. This review is based as my personal use/ experiments. I'm not promoting here. Thank you for your attention

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Legendary Animal in Your Hand

What do you think about Legendary animal? Kappa, Phoenix, Chimera? Dragon?

There a lot of games which have dragon character inside it.

If you love to play simulation game, Dragon Vale or Dragon Story can be best choice for you.

What is the different?

Beside the publisher and development. I will tell some different between them. Ps: I played both.

Dragon Story:
Download Dragon Story

The plus side of it:

- It has social media, like wall so we can share info n add friend using Strom8 ID

- The color of the game are great.

- We can make screen shot of the game and save to our photo roll.

- The dragons character make cartoon

- We can played with other dragon, or the opposite so we can add our income.

- We can send gold to our friends once a day.

- The Dragon can evolution into new looks

The min side:

- The dragon element not too much as other, but the weekly update can surpass it.

- Its need to expand the island block per block.

- Some of dragons are made same with different color.

Dragon Vale:
Download Dragon Vale

The plus side:

- It has beautiful graphics n effects.

- If you love the truly looks of dragons , you will love to play Dragon Vale.

- We can compete our dragons and get some great prize.

- We can summon our island just one click (only need money or gems)

- So many kinds of dragons and there's some limited edition dragon which you can hatch only in some months.

- There's Fountain of Youth for change your level 10 dragon back into baby or the opposite

The min side:

- We can send gems only for 3 of our friends

- No wall or social media for share.

- Our friends based by Game Center's friends. So if you don't have any friends who plays Dragon Vale , you won't able for send or receive gems.

- The loading Game need long time more than other but more stable.

Both of them provide breeding facilities. We can do some experiment about breeding the dragons.

May be, if they can mix it both. We (as the consumer) will happy to play.

These apps are freemium apps. You free-to-play. Additional cost may added if you bought some gems or golds.

Please note: i never write this for benefit or something for profit. This review is based as my personal use/ experiments. I'm not promoting here. Thank you for your attention.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Move your body..

Do u love dance?
Do u need something new entertaining app?
May be Dancing Noon can make something new, just turn on your music player on your iPad n let Maho Neko gives some dance movement for you.. 
Actually, this app suitable for the kids or age 3-8 years old, but if u love it too. Why not to check?

There are 3 edition for Dancing Noon, I will tell some difference between them

Dancing Noon 1: This app is in portrait mode, you need to click the Dance button for make Maho Neko dance. The positive side of this app, you can suit it with the beats songs. The negative side is your finger can be got tired cause of it.

Note: Required iOS 5.0 or later

Dancing Noon 2: This app is in landscape mode , at this version, Mahou Neko will dance automatically just with or without the music. That's up to you. I like when it move its hip. Funny

Dancing Noon 3: Unlike the other, you must pay $ 0.99 for enjoying this app. For this version you will see Mahou Neko hit the bongo. See the pic below.

Mahou Neko is kind of owl. It's made like a cushion with some decoration on its body.
Check the official website about this app:

Please note: I never write this for benefit or something for profit. This review based as my personal use/ experiments. I'm not promoting here. Thank you for your attention

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't try this at home...

After I graduated from my Senior High School last month. I just has nothing to do until 2 months later. I just waiting to continue my study, so because of that, I spend my day with playing game, eating, n watching TV. LOL
My blog is miserable. This my first post on 2012. Since, I didn't have any modem (broken.. ), n I have an iPad. I never open my blog anymore.. 
All right,  right now, I will take care my blog .. (if I don't forget)

Do you love playing game?
If you think game isn't important, you wrong
Game can make us think logically. Beside, it can amusing, Game made the day not boring as usual.
If u feel angry, disappointed.. Game can amuse n entertain you.
Are u angry with your boss? U already work hard, but he always angry with you..
Try this game for free.. 

You might be surprised with game... This isn't teaching you about sadism. Just for let you erasing your bad mood, angry face, disappointed feeling..
This game complete with a lot of weapon. There are 4 kinds weapons for attacking. Stationery, Knife, Gun, and Utensil. Get coins as much as you want by hit your Boss. :P
Look the trailer preview below n download it now!

Ps: You can imagine him as your boyfriend too.. LOL

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