Saturday, August 11, 2012

Catapult King: 3D version of Angry Bird *may be?

Catapult King
An arcade game which look alike Angry Bird.. Save the princess from the enemies. Hit the knights using the catapult.
Hit the knights correctly. Discover the coins and gems to gain the highest scores.
Arrange your strategy to hit the knights with least stones. Use your strategy into your finger to use the catapult perfectly and BOOM! You win... :D
There are 64 challenging levels, plus 16 new levels from the latest update. Gosh, this game is hard... True... Twice harder than Angry Bird. I used that game for the comparison , I'm not say if Angry Bird is too easy... That's hard too, but this Catapult King more difficult ... I haven't finished the game yet... Still in level 9. How ashame... :'(
Okay, this game has beautiful graphic. I agree with that, truly 3D graphics. You can see the beautiful environment from this game.
The catapult can be personalize by you, make sure if the catapult's position is right, so you can hit the knights effectually.

So many levels right?
It become harder when you level up. Use the boost magic to give magic or critical hit to the knights.
If your magic potion isn't enough to be used. You can buy it on shop with IAP. However, I don't think if it's really needed. You can get the potion after you finished each levels. How many potions you got that's depend by your score. So far as I know if I'm not false, you will get 10-12 magic potion for the Golden crown, 8 for Silver crown, and 3-5 for Bronze crown.
This game is featured to be free by Apple in 2 last week and until now it's still free. In the first time, this game is cost $0,99 , quite cheap for a game with a lot of challenging levels uses 3D graphics.
Curios to play, just download it before the price is rising up

Download Catapult King for iOS Devices

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