Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photo Shaper: Make your Photo Collage Easily

Tired of ordinary photos you have...?
May be this app can build a new creation for your photos.
Photo Shaper
An app for make your photos more creative. Remember your childhood? When you make a collage in playground with your friends.
This app will create a collage using your photos with a simple way just a few seconds.

Download Photo Shaper for iPad

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Seabirds: Cut the Fish for Feed the Ice Cream to Walrus

This game is a new innovative puzzle game. The combination between logic and velocity I think. It's look alike Cut the Rope game play but not same.
When Cut the Rope ask us for cutting the rope of the candy to fed Nom2. In this game, we must click the fish net to feed the penguins for feeding IceCream to Walrus. You must do that as fast as possible for the best medals.
It's become more difficult in more levels you play. Fortunately, there's a hint video for help you solve the game, but you must pay 3 fishes to unlock the hint.
Every best time you got will unlock a new action of the Walrus or other friends. See the unlock actions in Friends site. Every friend has 6 different actions. Unlock the action every you finished the level. There are 6 worlds with 12 stages inside come with 2 bonus levels. Total it has 64 levels.
This game is quite difficult but so challenging. This game will bring you to play and solve every puzzle more and more. Come with nice graphics makes your gaming experience more pleasant.

This game won't let you happy after your victory.... Not as easy as it looks. You must feed the penguin with the match color. Blue fish for blue penguin, green for green and red for red. Every success feeding a penguin, you will get ice cream as a result for feeding your friends (walrus, mammoth, etc.) to complete the level.
Easy?!? Not really... There's a hungry shark which ready to eat the penguins. Though, you've success feeding your penguin, if the penguin jumps when the shark is nearby. You will be failed. The shark will eat your penguins and sorry, you must try again... =P

Huff... Unfortunately, this game has ads.... Quite big banner ads... Though, that's not too much annoying. You must pay at least $0.99 to remove the ads n you get 30 fish too for unlock the second new world. The cost will increasing as you unlock the new one. Get the fishes is kinda hard too. In addition if you use the hint button. You must replay the game sometimes for gaining more fishes to unlock the new world..

Eager to try this game ... Believe me, despite of it has ads... This game is nice to be try... It's integrated with Game Center too.. =D

Download Seabirds for iDevices

Phoenix Bird: Fly Fly Away

Phoenix Bird
A new adventure arcade game which available at AppStore. Do you know Frisbee Forever? The game play of Phoenix Bird is similar with Frisbee Forever. You just need to tilt your device to play this game. However, I believe you will feel bit difficult with the acceleration with the gameplay. You really need balancing your device to play this game. I need to retry this game few times to learn how to play properly. Finally, after several tries, I know how to play this game well.
Unlike other tilt game, there's no sensitivity setting for this game. No calibration setting too for your device. At the first time, this game has bug about the game play.
Unfortunately, I was wrong. All you need to do for playing this game masterly is placed your device in horizontal position with your hands. Then try to fly the Phoenix through the gem's way by tilting your device slowly. The Phoenix will fly balancing when u took the gems properly. Use the blue ball to boost your Phoenix in gem's way. Your Phoenix will fly faster through the gems in several seconds.
Unlock the power ups Magnet for easier fly experience. Make sure to take the magnet power ups and the Phoenix will fly easier.
You can unlock another Phoenix too, cost 1000 gems for every colors.. ;) The Phoenix here doesn't have any specialities or abilities to fly. Upgrade the boost until level 4 and Magnet until level 3.
This game has 7 worlds, and 10 stages for each world. Unlock the next world using some gems and require you to finish the game until level 7 in previous world.
The graphics? Quite nice 3D but not too smooth. For me, I think this game size is too big about 210 MB after installed and after you mastering the game play it will be so easy to finished all the world, I have finished all the world and I hope more levels coming soon in the next update.
Over all, although it's a freemium app, I don't think you need any purchased from this game... lol Ps: there's an Ads remover by IAP, but I haven't seen any ads yet.. :)
One more this game is integrated with Leaderboard and Achievement in Game Center and it has big points for each achievement you have unlock... Yeah ! 13 achievement for 1000 points... Wow!

Alright, see my some screen shots and click the links below for download!

Download Phoenix Bird for iOS Devices

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy Pop: Pop Match Color

A simple bubble game for all ages. Shot the bubble with has same color to make the bubbles pop out (explode). Clear all the bubbles in the wheel to level up. Make the combo to multiply your scores.
Don't let the bubbles reach the edge of the screen. Don't shot the bubble perfunctorily, or you will get minus 30 points. Yeah, at least that's the description from this game. Though, the game doesn't support Game Center, but it still nice to play.
The size is small for iPad app, it just 4 MB to download. However, the graphics is quite nice with some flowered effects when u match the bubbles. The music doesn't bad too. Over all, this game is quite nice to try for price $0,99. Unfortunately, no iPhone version for this game.

See some screen shots below for more information. Download the game by click the link below

Download Easy Pop for iPad

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Freefall Ride: Test your Reactions and Accuration

I don't have much words to explain this free games. Amazing simple game I think.
Just one click to play and really need concentration. I just can say download the game and play it right now.

More information: See the pictures below. I didn't take the the screen shots while I play the game, or I will game over soon if I did that.. ;D

Ps: this game absolutely free, but it has little ads. Don't worry, the ads doesn't pop up during the game play.. ;)

Download FreeFall Ride for iOS Devices

Download FreeFall Ride for Android Devices

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fluffy Diver: An Arcade Game with Relaxing Music

Fluffy Diver
Actually, Fluffy Diver is just an ordinary arcade game. The reason why I review it here, cause I want to share about the back song which so relaxing for me.
This game was made by Korean publisher. So, the back song is kinda brings Korean's nuance ( Korean's music genre).
Unfortunately, I can't share the audio here. However, I just can share the screen shots only.
The game play is so simple. Just tap to dive the sea. The graphics is quite nice too, 4 from 5 stars I think. The fluffy icon looks cute.
Unfortunately, I kinda hard to gain the fluffy's life from this game. Do you know Whale Trail? Yes, this game is same like that, just a bit different. Fluffy needs to eat shell, or other (depend with the character which you used)
I like the flying effect from the fluffy, but as I said in above, I really like the back song of this game, that's made me want to play this game again and again, though I never get enough high score.... :( so hard to play... Need some tricks.
Like other arcade game, there are power ups which you can upgrade to make it last longer or some utilities for single use (in here is for 3 games).
There are other characters too. No special abilities from the characters. The difference just their appearance only.
Oh, one more this game is integrated with Game Center. There's some achievement and leaderboard.
This game is freemium, buy the Pro version if you want to unlock all the characters.
The freemium version also provide stars with buying IAP.

Alright , I'm afraid you are too bored to read my article. So, if you want to download just click the link below...

Download Fluffy Diver for iOS Devices

Download Fluffy Diver for Android Devices ($2.56)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rainbow Tissue Cat: Challenging Tilt Game

Rainbow Tissue Cat
Rainbow Tissue Cat is a simple arcade game which not too easy to gain the highest score.
This game is so simple to play. All you need to do just tilt your device. Jump and hit the birds. Take the stars to unlock the new characters. Actually, there's no special ability from other characters. All you got from new characters, just a new appearance.
I like the Donut Cat... Yeah! However, I haven't unlock it yet, though I have enough stars to unlock that.
Avoid the shuriken and fire rocket, or you will game over. You will game over too if you fall down. There's no power ups like the usual arcade games have. As the substitution, there are red birds which bring random power ups. Hit the red bird and you will get power ups like double bonus, mellow time (slow motion effect), etc.

The graphics look smooth, the color is relaxing. Beautiful rainbow effect when the cat is jumping, plus the cat bring a tissue roll. May be, that's the reason why the title of the game is Rainbow Tissue Cat... =P
To unlock other character instantly, buy the stars use IAP.
This game is costs $0,99. There's the FREE version of this game. Try the free version before you decide to buy.

Download Rainbow Tissue Cat for iOS Devices

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flight!: Dear Santa, I Want to See My Mommy this Christmas

Yeah, the title of my post is the first story of this game. This game tells about a girl who want to send a message to Santa to bring her mother back when Chirstmas is coming.
With a message paper, the girl make it as a plane and throw it to the sky, let the wind bring the letter to the Santa as far as she hopes. The first town which the plane visit is London, after the plane reaches 1000 M. The plane transits in Paris. There's a bit funny story here, when the man got the plane which hit his face, he opened and read it. He thinks if the letter is from his girlfriend who has the same name with the child, Sandy. Then, he decide to fly the paper plane again through the Paris and other plane's adventure was begin. I believe there's another story in other cities. However, I haven't know it yet. :)

How about the control?
At first time, you won't be able to control the plane at all.
Collect the stars to gain money, every $5 for each star which you collected. Hit the red bird paper to multiply the bonus you get.
You can get instant money for buying the power ups by purchasing IAP in shop.
There are so many power ups, which you must active for comfortable playing.
Activate the tilt playing control by purchase the power ups. I really recommend you for upgrade the flight control.
Don't forget to activate the windmill ( hurricane) to boost the plane when it go down.
The better plane model, make your plane fly last longer... It has more fuel too.
Buy the fuel permanently which you can refill by collecting the stars. It cost $15,000 ... Huh, so expensive.. :(
See the upgrade screen shots below for your information.
Make sure to upgrade the power ups which I give the red circle outside.

Alright, Armor Games made this game properly. Smooth in graphics, innovative in game play, and over all this game is nice to try, and one more it's free.
Just download it now... It's so simple to play.. :)

Download Flight! for iOS Devices

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