Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy Pop: Pop Match Color

A simple bubble game for all ages. Shot the bubble with has same color to make the bubbles pop out (explode). Clear all the bubbles in the wheel to level up. Make the combo to multiply your scores.
Don't let the bubbles reach the edge of the screen. Don't shot the bubble perfunctorily, or you will get minus 30 points. Yeah, at least that's the description from this game. Though, the game doesn't support Game Center, but it still nice to play.
The size is small for iPad app, it just 4 MB to download. However, the graphics is quite nice with some flowered effects when u match the bubbles. The music doesn't bad too. Over all, this game is quite nice to try for price $0,99. Unfortunately, no iPhone version for this game.

See some screen shots below for more information. Download the game by click the link below

Download Easy Pop for iPad

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