Monday, December 10, 2012

Effect Filter Graffiti: Layering your photos more enchanted

Hi, everyone. . . How are you, today? I'm not posting about game reviews only. I'm also love to edit my photos using iPad apps..
So today's posting is.... *Teng Teng Teng
I wanna introduce you a simple app to make your photos more interesting..

Effect Filter Graffiti Photo
It has 30 different layers (Free version and 60 layers for pro version) to be used for special photo's effects.
You can also draw and write on the special effects.. Also, you can adjust your photo and the opacity of the layers too.
See the screen shots below...

Ps: I love the bokeh effects

You can use photos from your library or just take the new photo..

Here I am *Hmm.. I don't know what's going on with my photo's caption above? -o-?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Allods Adventure HD: Great Adventure Based Puzzle Game

Hi, everyone... I'm back after finished my exams.. Today, I want to post a new game called
Allods Adventure
May be this one sounds familiar, yeah, if you knowing about an online game from Russia called Allods Online. This one is developed by them too.
This game supports English, Russian, French, Italiano, and Deutsch languages. I haven't played the online version yet. As I know the online version we played as a human. In this one we will played as some different monsters.

Alright, in Allods Adventure, we must defeat some enemies using 3 kinds of different monsters for each levels. I'm not sure what it called, but I will decide it into 3 category, green, blue, and yellow monsters. The monsters that we used have different skills and abilities too. In the first level, we used only one monster a werebear which can defeats enemies in 3 tiles in front of its. This one is include in green monsters category. In the second level, you also unlock your second monster, evil-eye, this monster has ability to unfrozen one enemy. After that, you should beat that enemy using your regular or green monster. Evil-eye includes in blue monsters.
In the third level, you will unlock the yellow monster category, for your first yellow monster, you will get Sabertooth-Squirrel, it can switch the enemy's position though it's a frozen enemy. So, by using these 3 monsters, you must defeat all the monster to pass the level. There are 3 stars too that you must collect to unlock or ”tame" the enemy in that level you played. Actually, after you tamed it, you can't used the monster which u have tamed, it just for collection and unlock achievement on Game Center also for leaderboard score.

Remember, every monster has limited movements, so use it wisely. Some levels only have one way solution too. Fortunately, you can pass any level without collecting any stars, the requirement is defeat all the enemies only. However, sometimes you can stuck in a level because you can defeat all the enemies but not collected all the stars.
You can use hints on the right top for help you decide the movements. Unfortunately, there's only 10 hints, which we got and if you want to use more hints, you must buy it by IAP. Hmm... This one is optional choice only.
One more, you are not always get the same monsters to defeat the enemies for every level. So far I play, I got 4 monsters in green category, 2 in blue and yellow category. Oh, FYI , some enemies has unique skill to like explode which can affect the other enemies which nearby its. Don't forget to collect treasures in a level to unlock the historical scroll (Allod's Online Wallpaper). Overall, there are 21 main levels in 4 stages, 3 bonus levels, and 5 new levels which you can purchase by IAP cost $0,99.

Graphics: 5 of 5 (Stunning 3D HD graphics)
Sounds: 4.5 of 5 ( Adventure back sound with monster sound effects)
Gameplay: 5 of 5 (Unique, an adventure game based puzzle, simple control, needs to think hard sometimes, never get crash or lag experiment though the size is quite big almost 950 mb after installed, I prefer to download this by iTunes then synchronize it.)
Replay Value: 4.5 of 5 (It will become so high when you try to re-collect all the stars only, but still challenging to play it again and again, as you increasing your stage, you must pass the harder levels too.)
Overall: 4.75 of 5
(Smart adventure puzzle game from Mail.Ru with fascinating story every you passed the stage. I hope more free level updates coming soon for this game, ability to save the wallpaper (hmm, or may be me just don't know how to save it... XD )

Price: $1,99 (Introducing Price for limited time from $4,99)

Download Allods Adventure HD for iOS Devices

See the video below, for make sure how the gameplay is... Have fun!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bebee the Bee: An Adventure Story of the Bee

Hi, everyone... It's raining here and the rain is quite heavy too.
My today's posting is a review about a game which I got by redeeming the promotional code from a forum.
What is that?

Bebee the Bee

At the first time I see the genre; it shows if this app is for kids.. Hmm,, I'm not kid anymore, but I want to check it. I got a promotional code from developer who's sharing that at a forum. So, I try to download it by redeem the promotional code.
After that, here I tell you my review and I'll write it in different style, at least as kid's think.

First Look

The graphic is simple with natural color not too colorful, but it'll attracts kid's attention.
This uses simple 2D graphic using digital painting not hand drawing.
What's made me interest in the first time is the prologue, it's coming with the text and vocal from a little kid like in a interactive book. The pictures which arranged for the prologue really looks like interactive book for kid and I think there will be a prologue for each new world. Music and sound is very suitable for kids too.
For me, +1 for this app.

The Game

After see the prologue, let's move to play the game. What's inside this game?
Oh, as I see, you must help the bee to collects the pollen from happy flowers.
There are 2 types of "pollens", the yellow one is really the pollen and the blue one is used as your gun to shoot your enemies.
In the first level, you will showed how to control the bee, the tutorial quite clear.
No enemies in the first time, as your level increasing you will get more enemies, like big bees, spiders, fireflies, torn flowers, etc. If the bee hits the enemy, it will lost some pollen which has been collected. So, you need to destroy the enemies by shooting at them.


There are 2 kinds of controls here, gestures and buttons with joystick. Unfortunately, I don't think the controls are comfortable to use. Both has the plus and the min sides.
Let me tell you, first time I used gesture, it's easy to control from the first time by using only one finger to move the bee, tap the enemies to shoot, swipe and tap the flower for easier to get the pollen, nah I'm not sure it's use swipe or tap only, I just use the both gestures for this one. As you increasing your level, you will meet more enemies, I don't know it's a bug or something error, but I found its more difficult to control the bee. The bee can't move as quick as before, I must tap the bee again and again to keep its moving.. I don't know it's made me bit dissappointed, alright let's check if I used buttons control.
The joystick make me easy to control the bee to move right, move left, up and down. It's easy too for collecting the pollen from the nectar, a special button used for collecting the pollen pop up instantly from the flowers. However, it's become difficult when you want to shooting the enemies. You must swipe the shooting button in the right place, for example shoot in 30 degree for the enemy in 1 o'clock direction.. 120 degree for the enemy in 4 o'clock direction, etc.
You must make sure you swipe in right place to shoot the enemy. This one which I think it's hard for kids to use this control.

Game Mode
Just one mode in this game, adventure mode. There are 4 world, with 7 stages for each world. Unfortunately, the third and fourth world are coming soon. It's mean that the gameplay time of this game is so short, except if you want to repeat each level again and again.

Final result score
Graphics: 4.5 of 5 (Kids will love it esp the prologue)
Sound: 4 of 5 (lovely kids instrument)
Gameplay: 3.5 of 5 (just need improvement in the controls)
Replay value: 3 of 5 (cause by the unstable control and the available levels just too few
Overall: 3.75 of 5 (Okay, need more levels and inserting some story for make it more interactive)

I see there's a free version of this app calling BeBee.
For this one will cost you $0,99, click the download link below to buy the app

Download Bebee the Bee for iPad

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sharing just sharing some relaxing songs

If, I usually posting about game review, but today let me posting something different.. I just want to sharing some songs for you to listen.. Enjoy!

All of the songs aren't owned by me.. I just shared with anyone..
I'm not posting the whole album, all the songs below just my most favorites and all in English Language.
Thank you.

Come to the Lord

Our Beautiful Home

Recall the Land

Simple Miracle

Distorted World

Friday, November 16, 2012

Coaster Crazy: Won't enough for make you crazy... Oh, yeah! Really?!

Great app coming on iOS today from the developer Frontier, who's published Lost Winds and Lost Winds 2. Today they comeback with releasing new app....


Let's see how this app can make you become crazy while you play it..
Okay, let me tell you something, I just found this app, while I'm knowing if LostWinds 2 become free today on the AppStore. I saw this app behind the LostWinds icon and then click it... Checked the screen shots... ~~hmm.. Looks promising... Then checked the size for downloading... ~~ wow.. 205 mb and become 240 mb after installed.. Quite big for be installed in my iPad which just has few available memory... Alright let's check if this app is worth to be played with that big memory..

First of all, you will be helped to using the controls, it's so easy just swipe, pinch for zoom, rotate your fingers, etc.
There're 4 worlds which you can play to build your Roller Coaster Park. There're 5 parks for each world. You will get some money for build your Roller Coaster, at the first time, you will learn how to make the coaster track, the tutorial so clearly, so I don't think it'll be hard to play.
First world is Australia. Right here, there're 5 stages/ parks.
For every stages, you must completed 3 missions for opening your park. If you failed in one or more missions, you won't be able to open your park.
Why the opening park is needed?
You will get your income money from your building parks. You'll gain the experience point too to increase your level.
When you build your roller coaster, trial and error is needed for make sure you make your coaster properly.
You just need to drag to make the rail and some special circuit like loops, turns, tunnels, special utilities to boost your car, are available for boosting your performance and increasing your score.
The passengers are unique, like zombie, the boy who loves to eating popcorn, air boy, mayor, etc.
They will show some movement, that let you know if you passed the mission or failed. For example: if u failed from the mayor's mission, he won't be love to be taken a photograph by paparazzi. However, if you finished your mission, he would be love to be taken the photograph.
Make sure, you make your rail safely, if you lost your passenger during the coaster's execution. You will get penalty and decrease your score 5000.
If you make your coaster to insane like use so many special circuits. It will increasing your score but you can see almost all of your passengers will vomit during the ride..
Oh noo.., but don't worry. I don't think that affected your score.. See the title of the game... COASTER CRAZY , will be not fun if not crazy.

Wait, I see a kudos and gem bars in the top of the screen... What is that? Is this freemium? I don't know this will be freemium or temporally free only.
Yeah, you can buy some crystal and kudos in the market too which costing you real money, but I don't think it's a must.
The IAP in this app is really user friendly. If you're not a hardcore player who wants to be number one in the leaderboard, I don't think you'll need to buy IAP. However, may be you can support the developer by buying some kudos or gem to say thank you.

For me this app is a worth to try, beside this one is still free, and this become an editor's choice in Indonesian AppStore, I believe in other country too.
Seriously , I really addicted with this app. You don't need wait too long for collecting your income. Frontier really knows how to pleasure their customers.. :P

Oops, almost forget to re-write the final score:

Graphics: 5 of 5 (3D interesting and colorful graphics plus customizable camera (in execution launching your coaster))
Sound: 4.5 of 5 ( Nice like you ride your coaster in a real life)
Gameplay: 4.5 of 5 (Simple and innovative, create our logically think)
Replay Value: 4.5 of 5 (So crazy and addicted, this app isn't a hardcore app, we can visit our park only for collecting kudos, you just need to open your park once, it means that you just need to create a coaster once for each stages, except if you want to change your coaster rail or it's appearance or open a new park.)
Overall: 4.625 of 5

The min side of this game is, it's require to log in to your GameCenter account for playing this game. First time, I just surprised because it looks like I must start again from the beginning because I can't log in in to Game Center.
The conclusion, it's show if this game needs an Internet connection to be played. However, it's just the first time play to make sure you're log on in to Game Center.
So, right now, I wish Frontier give the next update for us to able save our playing locally.
Despite of the min side, this app is a must to try... :D

Download Coaster Crazy for iOS Devices

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Punch Quest: Punch your Enemies

Hola, long time no posting,,, I'm so busy with my activities at university... Alright, let me posting when I have spare time...

Punch Quest

New endless runner game with new appearance and gameplay.
Why I said its new? Not just it's a fresh released at AppStore, but I like the gameplay and the graphics too.
Though, I'm not a retro game lover, but I still like the graphic, reminds me about the game when I played in childhood.
If you knowing an endless runner game such as Temple Run, which you mush swipe right, swipe left, up, and down to play.

You don't need to do that at Punch Quest. Punch Quest, games which the man (runner) will run and all you need to do is punch your enemies. Kill the skeleton, zombie, witch, skull squid, broke the vas or everything in your face. Be careful with the traps like torn wall, fire floor, the magic from the witch, electric strike from skull squid, etc.

There're so many skills in this game, make you never bored to play this game.
For example: there's an egg and while you punch the egg you will ride the dinosaur, and you will play the adventure with the dinosaur. It help you by spray out fire to destroy the enemies, the environment also changed become ancient time. As you know the standard environment of this game is like crypt castle, or anyway you call that.. :P
The egg not just contain of dinosaur but it can changed you become gnome, while you become gnome your enemy just bees. All gnome can to do is just roll and roll.. :D hit the hives.
There's power ups which you can unlock in menu (loot) the power ups help you to destroy your enemies easier.
There's a power bar in the bottom of the screen, it shows your power, when you fill up the bar you will get super power. Make you more powerful to destroy the enemies and it's a random power.
There are 5 heart life, it will decrease while you get attacked and increase while you punch your enemies, make sure to punch it continuously for make combo to multiply your scores.
Collect the Idols too ( I don't know what's those used, but collect those for unlock Game Center Achievement).

Wait you don't tell me the game control..
Oops, sorry I almost forgot bout that... The game control is so easy, you just need tap the right side to punch and left side for slam (jump), same control too while you become gnome or ride the dinosaur..
How about the sound? Great while you punch the skeleton, it will destroyed and sounds like bowling pin when strike. That's nice to be hear.. :D
Right now I'll try to give my score about the game which I played for help you to decide (ESP. When you're too lazy to read my review) it's show in bottom part of the text.
One this app is free-to-play. IAP YES , Need? Not really. Ads NO.

This game isn't a freemium game again, it's already became paid app.

Graphics : 4.5 of 5 (Retro but Stunning)
Sound: 4.5 of 5 (Easy listening with a good sound effect)
Gameplay: 4.5 of 5 (Creative and different)
Replay value: 4 of 5 ( It depends with you, for me it'll be so addictive to play ESP when you bored of waiting something)
Overall: 4.375 of 5

Anyway, the min side of this game is your finger will be so tired if you played for a long time, to avoid that just release your finger when the man is running and tap only when the enemies come. One more don't tap too much, it will make the man will move slower.

Interest to download?

Just click the link below
Download Punch Quest for iOS Devices

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photo Shaper: Make your Photo Collage Easily

Tired of ordinary photos you have...?
May be this app can build a new creation for your photos.
Photo Shaper
An app for make your photos more creative. Remember your childhood? When you make a collage in playground with your friends.
This app will create a collage using your photos with a simple way just a few seconds.

Download Photo Shaper for iPad

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Seabirds: Cut the Fish for Feed the Ice Cream to Walrus

This game is a new innovative puzzle game. The combination between logic and velocity I think. It's look alike Cut the Rope game play but not same.
When Cut the Rope ask us for cutting the rope of the candy to fed Nom2. In this game, we must click the fish net to feed the penguins for feeding IceCream to Walrus. You must do that as fast as possible for the best medals.
It's become more difficult in more levels you play. Fortunately, there's a hint video for help you solve the game, but you must pay 3 fishes to unlock the hint.
Every best time you got will unlock a new action of the Walrus or other friends. See the unlock actions in Friends site. Every friend has 6 different actions. Unlock the action every you finished the level. There are 6 worlds with 12 stages inside come with 2 bonus levels. Total it has 64 levels.
This game is quite difficult but so challenging. This game will bring you to play and solve every puzzle more and more. Come with nice graphics makes your gaming experience more pleasant.

This game won't let you happy after your victory.... Not as easy as it looks. You must feed the penguin with the match color. Blue fish for blue penguin, green for green and red for red. Every success feeding a penguin, you will get ice cream as a result for feeding your friends (walrus, mammoth, etc.) to complete the level.
Easy?!? Not really... There's a hungry shark which ready to eat the penguins. Though, you've success feeding your penguin, if the penguin jumps when the shark is nearby. You will be failed. The shark will eat your penguins and sorry, you must try again... =P

Huff... Unfortunately, this game has ads.... Quite big banner ads... Though, that's not too much annoying. You must pay at least $0.99 to remove the ads n you get 30 fish too for unlock the second new world. The cost will increasing as you unlock the new one. Get the fishes is kinda hard too. In addition if you use the hint button. You must replay the game sometimes for gaining more fishes to unlock the new world..

Eager to try this game ... Believe me, despite of it has ads... This game is nice to be try... It's integrated with Game Center too.. =D

Download Seabirds for iDevices

Phoenix Bird: Fly Fly Away

Phoenix Bird
A new adventure arcade game which available at AppStore. Do you know Frisbee Forever? The game play of Phoenix Bird is similar with Frisbee Forever. You just need to tilt your device to play this game. However, I believe you will feel bit difficult with the acceleration with the gameplay. You really need balancing your device to play this game. I need to retry this game few times to learn how to play properly. Finally, after several tries, I know how to play this game well.
Unlike other tilt game, there's no sensitivity setting for this game. No calibration setting too for your device. At the first time, this game has bug about the game play.
Unfortunately, I was wrong. All you need to do for playing this game masterly is placed your device in horizontal position with your hands. Then try to fly the Phoenix through the gem's way by tilting your device slowly. The Phoenix will fly balancing when u took the gems properly. Use the blue ball to boost your Phoenix in gem's way. Your Phoenix will fly faster through the gems in several seconds.
Unlock the power ups Magnet for easier fly experience. Make sure to take the magnet power ups and the Phoenix will fly easier.
You can unlock another Phoenix too, cost 1000 gems for every colors.. ;) The Phoenix here doesn't have any specialities or abilities to fly. Upgrade the boost until level 4 and Magnet until level 3.
This game has 7 worlds, and 10 stages for each world. Unlock the next world using some gems and require you to finish the game until level 7 in previous world.
The graphics? Quite nice 3D but not too smooth. For me, I think this game size is too big about 210 MB after installed and after you mastering the game play it will be so easy to finished all the world, I have finished all the world and I hope more levels coming soon in the next update.
Over all, although it's a freemium app, I don't think you need any purchased from this game... lol Ps: there's an Ads remover by IAP, but I haven't seen any ads yet.. :)
One more this game is integrated with Leaderboard and Achievement in Game Center and it has big points for each achievement you have unlock... Yeah ! 13 achievement for 1000 points... Wow!

Alright, see my some screen shots and click the links below for download!

Download Phoenix Bird for iOS Devices

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy Pop: Pop Match Color

A simple bubble game for all ages. Shot the bubble with has same color to make the bubbles pop out (explode). Clear all the bubbles in the wheel to level up. Make the combo to multiply your scores.
Don't let the bubbles reach the edge of the screen. Don't shot the bubble perfunctorily, or you will get minus 30 points. Yeah, at least that's the description from this game. Though, the game doesn't support Game Center, but it still nice to play.
The size is small for iPad app, it just 4 MB to download. However, the graphics is quite nice with some flowered effects when u match the bubbles. The music doesn't bad too. Over all, this game is quite nice to try for price $0,99. Unfortunately, no iPhone version for this game.

See some screen shots below for more information. Download the game by click the link below

Download Easy Pop for iPad

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