Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nimble Quest: Bring Back the Snake Game Memories

Nimble Quest, from Nimble Bit brings back my memories about old snake game. Last time, I played the snake game was 11 or 12 y.o. A bit long time ago since my last played. Back to the iOS, I knew if there're many kind of snake games on iOS. However, it just doesn't impress me. I just think about other games with modern gameplay ,idea, style, graphic, new genre, etc. Actually, I really love to play new games, but I'm not a kind of person who's easily to hook with a game. I have so many games on my iPad, but only few of them which I played everyday. I need to get the feeling... #lmao, the sense of the game to really enjoy it, that's why I only have few games which long lasting stay on my iPad.. :) #ps: moreover, some of them , I haven't played it yet. Only bought , n kept it... I bought them mostly caused by Sale... or hooked by the screen shots... But, don't have enough time to play them or may be bit lost of interest after buying @.@ dunno why (#sad)

Alright alright, never mind it. Nimble quest is a game which has similar gameplay with old snake game. Actually, before Nimble Quest was launched, iOS already has Call of Snake with the same gameplay. So, what's make this game different from Old Snake Game? (I won't compare this game with CoS)
- Nimble Quest has RPG setting elements. You can play as archer, knight, wizard, mage, etc. The snake here is made by the characters ( archer, slasher, bomber, etc).
Each character has different skills, you can upgrade it by pay with some gems, or defeat your enemies to upgrade your skill. Unlike , the regular snake gameplay. The snake here ( Nimble Quest) is limited long. The most long is 15 characters only. However, the long number of your snake is depend by how much stage you have been conquered. In the first time, you will play as knight only. After you unlock more character , you can choose which one to be your leader.

- The gameplay is similar like snake gameplay, don't hit your enemies or walls. Luckily, the snake here can automatically attacks the enemies. How they defeat the enemies are depend by your characters's skill. I'll post some tips and trick how to play Nimble Quest later Tips n Tricks here...
If regular snake's game use fruits for growing. Here, you can get more characters randomly after defeat some enemies, also some part of your snake can be defeated, but it doesn't affect your snake as long as your leader keeps alive.

- Collect gems, and tokens during the game. Gems are used for upgrading the power ups or your characters. Tokens are used to play in the arena (bring the name of your guild... Yeah!) or you can use tokens to replay the current stage when you dead.
Tokens can be get during the gameplay or buy it from IAP or by watching 10 seconds ads video ;)

Graphic: 4/5 (Clear pixelated graphic)
Sound/ Music: 4/5 (Nostalgic, I remember Mario Bross when I listened to the victory music here.
Gameplay: 4/5 (Swipe control is good enough, great to played on portrait also landscape view. A remake of old game with modern features... :D. However, there's no checkpoint. So, the game is kinda similar with endless game but in stages steps. However, it's still challenging enough, though sometimes kinda boring to repeat the same stage from the beginning :P )
Replay Value: 4/5 ( it's great to be played even if you only has 5 minutes spare time ;) )
Overall: 4/5
(Despite of being a freemium game, Nimble Quest is good enough to brings back the old memories of Snake game with some RPG elements (here is the characters). However, if NimbleBit can brings the new features in the next update, like online multiplayer as both side (enemies also heroes). I believe this game will be more hilarious to be played.. :)
Ps: Only few days since the official released, n the players almost 500.000 players right now... A great beginning ... :D

AppStore Link: Download Nimble Quest for iOS

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