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Vegetarian... Why Not?

I just wanna share my impression about being a vegetarian. I don't understand why some people keep saying something non-sense consequence about being a vegetarian. My friend said, she can't being a vegetarian caused her family are afraid about her growth. Hmm, I don't think so. Come on.... Let's clear this opinion.


What is Vegetarian?

Vegetarian, is kind of diet method   No, I won't say that it's a diet method, I prefer say being a vegetarian is a life style. A life style that you don't eat any food which contain meat, seafood or anythig that related to animal products. To be honest , there are many kinds of vegetarianism, such as Ovo vegetarianism (eat such as egg product but not dairy product, Lacto vegetarianism (eat such as dairy product but not egg product), Vegan (doesn't eat any egg, dairy, honey and anything which comes from animal), Buddhist Vegetarianism (For this one, I'll tell from Maitreya Buddhism's point of view. In here, there's 3 steps of vegetarian. First is learning, in the learning part. You still allowed to eat allium family (garlic, onion, shallots, chives, scallions, etc), egg products (biscuits, cakes) and dairy products (milk). The second part, you'll learn to avoid any of allium family products, less eggs and less dairy product. The last part is try to become a vegan).


Why vegetarian?

I've been a vegetarian since I was 11 y.o. FYI, before i learned to being a vegetarian. I dislike any kind of vegetables. Seriously... I hate any kind vegetables especially green vegetables. Its tasted weird on my tongue.. :p

Till one day, my mom gave me green eggplant to be eat. I tried it, then I realised that's delicious.. :). Since then I tried to eat more vegetables, I tried to eat no meat twice a week for the first 6 months, 3 times a week for next 6 months, and keep on till finally I don't eat any meat or animal (fish, seafood, etc) anymore or I can say that finally, I can be a vegetarian. Yeah , may be I'm still in the first part on learning part, I still eat onion, eggs, and milk product. If you ask the reason why I can being a vegetarian... Let me tell you then..

Simply, the main reason is a love. Everybody, No every creature has a main right is called Life, which it's a gift from God. You have family right? Animal also has family. How do you feel if you lost one of your family members? Sad, pain right? Animal also has the same feel as us. It can feels sad, pain, angry, afraid. However, what can they do? When they see us (human) took one of their family, they're become angry, they will do strange movements also some of them scream on their own languages also cry, but we don't know it. We think they're angry to us (Yeah, that's true if they're angry to us) and that's make we're quickly to took their life asap before something unwillingness happened.
Don't you feel guilty by doing that? they were killed then you eat them. You might feel guilty when you stole something, sad when you lost something precious, right? However, what have you done now? After you killed them, you ate them, means you've stolen their precious life for satisfying your tongue only.

How do you feel, don't you feel poor to the animal? Have you seen killing process in slaughther house (butcher)? They're afraid, they cry... But nobody care.. They have a big pain in their heart, but nobody know. We only know to get money from selling them. We only know how delicious them of being a food. We only think that they're life for us.
Please, don't be like that. They also have a life. They want to have a free life, not live in a narrow stalls like this. You can see, there's no happy feel in their faces . All only pain, fear and sadness.. :'( They only hope, please don't take my life... :(


Non-sense fact about being a Vegetarian

I wanna make clear some people's opinion about weird consequence for being a vegetarian.
- A vegetarian person can't have male child?
No, child, no matter female or male. It's all come from God. It's a gift and only God know about it
- A vegetarian person can't grows properly. Kinda short.
No, I'm vegetarian, and I grow properly. My height is 162 cm. That's average for asian female person. So, dunno from where this kind of opinion comes. Height is influenced by biologic (generation) factor.
- A vegetarian child can't be clever
A research told that  Eskimo people (who eat meat, etc) has shorter life than Hun Za people (who are mostly vegetarian). Albert Einstein also a vegetarian, and he isn't a stupid person. Phytagoras also a vegetarian. He was smart right? Btw, we can't count the sideway of triangle without his theorem.. :p
- Is that safe (healthy) enough for being a vegetarian?
Of course, I almost never come to a hospital for a serious disease. People who did vegetarian's life style properly has fewer risk for getting any disease than them who doesn't.
- Vegetables also creature, why we can eat that but not with animal?
hmm, kinda stupid question. Okay, you can plant vegetables right? That's mean you make a life for plants, you create it, not give the life. Plants can't move likes animals do, also actually, plant is made as food sources (Herbivore). However, Can you make a life for animal? Animals got their life from God like us. They can feel pain, sad, happy, afraid. The same feeling as us can feel too.
- How about carnivore animal, they're allowed to eat meat, why we can't?
Seriously, do you want to be like animal?? -__-

Conclusion: I'm not saying all of you must become vegetarian directly. At least try to safe animal life with being a vegetarian. Try to eat less meat twice a week first, then try to increase the times to be a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian won't bring negative effects for your life. I've proved it and I really enjoy my life for being a vegetarian. That's an easiest way to safe animal's life. Being a lovely person guys, bring happines to all the creature in the world. Because we are family. Being a vegetarian also safe the world from Global Warming

Why being Vegetarian has relation with Global Warming?
to be continued...... or visit IVU for more information

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