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Nimble Quest Tips n Tricks

Before, you say anything about this post. I just want to say the disclaimer about this post. The tips and tricks here are based by my observation. Because of that, I'm not 100% guarantee if the tricks or tips is official/qualified enough for some people. Some of them might think cheap of this post. However, I'll try my best to bring the tips n tricks and I'll update it if I get more info.. :)

#Tips 1


If you have unlock some characters, choose your leader wisely.
Here, I love to use archer for the early time playing before I unlocked Uther, the champion.
Archer (Merida) has lightly armored, but she has far attack range. The trick, do the attack from back side of your enemies. Avoid to attack from frontal side of your enemies , especially if your enemy is knight. I sure you'll be dead easily.
If you use Uther, he can attack from frontal side with his long lance and it has far and wide range. So far, I just can tell you this one is the best leader. (Despite, I haven't unlock all the heroes, only unlocked till the 7th hero). He has medium armored though it's written that he has heavy armored, but I don't think so, if it strong enough. Why, I'm not recommend the other? Actually, It's depend by your choice. However, I think the others are strong enough to attack, but they have less defense than they both. At least till now (I'll update if I've unlocked it all ;D)
Trick: if you want to last longer, use the one which has the strong defense and wide/ far range attack. The others one like Gizmo and Blaze are great for the middle part, not the tail. Both has strong damage with side play attack. The tail can be archer, or knight. Unfortunately, this kind of style is depend by your lucky, caused you'll get the heroes randomly.. :(

#Tips 2


That's why we need to collect gems. The better you play, more gems you'll get. Use the gems especially to upgrade the power ups. Firstly, upgrade the potion to increase your HP, don't forget the shield. The others are also important too. So, don't hesitate to upgrade it all.

# Tips 3


After you upgraded your power ups and your characters, what must you do next?
Learn, how the enemies attack. Yeah!
- Never attack the rats from frontal side. Although, it's a weak enemies, but it run faster than you. So, be careful, if you hit it. You'll die cheaply.
Trick: use side attack to defeat rats. Can be used bomb or blazer to hit. The leader can be hit from frontal but choose the one which has far range attack, and quickly turn right or turn left. If some of your allies was defeated, at least the leader still alive and you can collect your heroes again.
- Careful, with spiders, some of them are poisoning , or their webs can make us move slowly.
Trick: hit the spider from behind or side. Can be from frontal too. The effective one is back side, if your leader is strong enough, use the side attack if you have blazer or bomber or the one which has big damage.
- Knight and princess
They have healing ability.
Trick: Try to attack from side way or from behind, by using the one which has big damage weapon. Avoid to attack from frontal , especially for knight. He has wide and far range attack, also activate side range attack. So, watch out ! and take your steps carefully.

If some of you have more information about this, please tell yours in comment section.

#Tips 4


Buffs is used as a headstart, can be useful sometimes if you use it properly, caused it costed you token not gem. So, be wise. Luckily, tokens can be get by watching ads video (sometimes the video is available more than 5 times,which mean you'll get 5 tokens ;) or get it during the gameplay.

So, that's all my Tips and Tricks from me. If you have other Tips, Tricks, or may be Walkthrough to be shared. Just left it in the comment section. :)
Thanks for reading.... Happy playing!

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