Sunday, March 24, 2013

Top 3 Apps for Tracking AppStore

Everybody loves sale. May be yes, may be no ;) but I love sale... App sale, yeah.. Especially , when it was an app which on your wishlist who's going on sale or may be goes free.. However, when our lovely wishlist apps will go free or on sale?
Right now, I will post the most 3 apps which I think really useful and helpful to track sale on App Store .


The most main app to track sale on AppStore. It has many features, such as price alert, update alert, news alert, until seller alert. Never miss any bargain apps by using this app. FYI , I've tried this app and I've safe my money about more than $300 (counted from downloading apps when gone free). A surprisingly saving right? :p
This app is really great. I don't think you will need to jailbreak your device anymore if you have this app. However, there's one thing that all of you must know if you use this app: "Patient" , yeah, patient is the main key, if you want to save your money like I did, you need to be patient. You must waiting about may be 1 week, 1 month, or can be a year for an app goes free.. ;)
Can't be patient...? Just buy it when your wishlist app goes to sale. AppZapp gives price alert feature to set on which currency you want to be alert. As example: an app is cost $3.99, use the price alert button, then set to currency that you want, as example you want to get notification while the app drops price till $0.99. So, when the app drops till $0.99, a push notification will pop up for letting you know about it. Also, you might get an email notification about it.

Plus thing from AppZapp:
- Banned Seller feature
If you don't want to be bothered by annoying apps from a 'annoying' seller, just use this feature
- Seller Alert
I love this feature, currently I'm subscribed to big developers, so I'll never miss any apps from them anymore. You can choose which kind of alert do you want. There're price alert (never miss any bargain from this seller), news alert ( never miss new apps anymore.. Yes!) , or update alert ( alert for an updating app, for this one I prefer to subscribe manually from the app rather than the seller ;) )
- Community
This feature can be good too. Too lazy to read review on AppStore ? Or afraid of fake review on AppStore ? Share your thought and opinion about the app here on comment site. AppZapp Community can be so helpful sometimes, some people share about review, opinion about the app on here. This will help you decide to buy the app or not. Don't understand the language they used? Don't worry, a translate button will help you to translate into your own language :)
- Global Filter
Sort the sale apps which you want by using this feature . For example: I only want iPad app, using English language, and show all apps (not only popular), and selected categories.
You can choose which suitable for your main necessity.
- Price drop alert
The main feature of this app, I think :)
Set your desire price on your wishlist app. Just be patient for waiting if you want get the app with that desired price ;D
- New App, etc


Beside AppZapp, I also use AppShopper, it's mostly has the same features as AppZapp, but it doesn't have community feature. Anyway, for using the features properly, you need to register using your email address or Facebook account. Sometimes AppShopper has more bargain apps than AppZapp. Also it related directly to iOS review sites like TouchArcade or 148apps. You can see the review site's score directly. Though AppZapp also has this feature too, but for me, AppShopper did the UI for rating star better than AppZapp did.


Similar with others, but it has color themes to choose. Unfortunately, this app only support some major AppStore only. (Indonesia hasn't supported yet)

Overall, the most recommended is AppZapp, but I also use others as companion apps.
The best thing, some of them (Pro Version) are still free. :)
So grab your free copy now and never miss sale anymore... :D


  1. I follow you in Appzapp. :)
    I was reading your Indie Gems' blog and I finished here. xD
    Thanks for your reviews!

    1. Hello... I just read your comment today.. Sorry for that.. This blog will be closed for a while, but I'll update my Indie Gems blog as often as I can :) Thank you so much for your support so far. Glad to have an awesome reader like you :)




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