Sunday, May 10, 2015

[Crazy Recipe] Mac n Cheese with Too Much Cheese

It's Sunday, and I want to experiment with my cooking skill. After my internship began, I cook everyday and mostly there's nothing wrong with my cook. I love my cook and all of them are quite tasty IMO.

But, today's cook is crazy enough for me. I often browse some random mac n cheese recipes over the internet. I don't have oven nor microwave here, so I try to use stove version. However, I'm an experimental person. So I decided to cook my own version based from 'my imagination' though I've read at glance about how to cook it first actually.

So, here are my ingredients to cook my own version of Mac n Cheese :p

- Elbow Macaroni
- Edam Cheese
- A slice of Cheddar Cheese
- One table spoon salted butter
- 125 mL low fat milk
- Parmesan cheese to garnish

Okay the worst thing, I don't even measure how many cheese should I use to make just a bowl of Mac n Cheese. I just put everything randomly into a pot.... Then disasters just come....

It looks good, right?

  • First, the Edam Cheese doesn't melt easily. I already cut it into small block pieces but it only becomes smaller when I heat it.
  • Second, after I bring it to boil and I think it's already cook, I pour it into bowl and add some parmesan cheese into it and mix it. The room temperature made it bit lumpy like a clot.
I throw all those lumpy cheese... No just no more cheese
  • Third, the mac n cheese becomes to cheesy. First spoon was okay, I can say it's yummy. However after the third spoon it becomes so worst. My stomach being full all of sudden and I don't think I can eat that anymore. Too much cheese inside :(
  • But... but.. but... I can't waste any food. Then I try to find a way to keep eating the mac n cheese but with more 'better' way

I rinse my food with lemon water twice. Kind of pouring the lemon water like a soup for my Mac n cheese, I mixed it until the cheesy cheese inside macaroni popped out and throw away the remaining lumpy cheese.

Wait a minute, doesn't it make the food tasteless?

Yes, probably but I have an idea to put sweet chili sauce (Bangkok sauce) into it. 

Does it taste better?

Yes, I think mac n cheese just doesn't suitable enough for my tongue. Well, I might change that thought later but right now I won't bother to make other mac n cheese anymore. The Bangkok sauce has made my disaster mac n cheese better and I just think why don't I make mac n sweet sauce instead of cheese? I bet it'll be taste better for asian tongue :p.

Regarding the cheese, may be I 'll give that to my mom when she's back from Guang Zhou. She will know how to use it well. Seriously, I think cheese is good but I think I'll stick mozarella only (this is excepetional), mozarella in the pizza is hilarious and taste so good also for cheese stick version.

Better than first one

Why you share your failed recipe?

Actually, it's not 100% failed just may be 75% :v, in the end the 'Asian' style just taste better than 'Western' style one and I discover a new recipe to be try some day. Well, in fact everyone might failed when cooking too, though mostly they only share about their successful foods but never share their failed experience. Hope you enjoy your reading :D

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