Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Blog is Temporarily Closed but Let's Move On... :D

Hey, guys... I might no longer update this blog anymore. May be in further I'll update this again, but not in the near time. Since, I'm busy with my college right now. Yeah, I'm on 2nd year.. Hurray.. XD and preparing a new major too, I choose Multimedia Interactive and if everything goes well, I'll make some games soon in the future :p lol.

If you're wondering with what's made me busy nowadays. Here, I'll tell you some of my latest activities. Well, I have no holiday except Sunday. I have class everyday from Monday to Saturday, which was made me feels so tired (sometimes). I also worked as freelance writer at GamesInAsia Indonesia. You can read my portfolio here. I also try to keep my Indie Gems blog up to date as much as possible. Actually, I have so many opinions and stories related to gaming world that I want to share with you all readers... :) Unfortunately, time walks so fast and sometimes, I feel that 24 hours a day is less than enough :'(. That's why I can update it once a week. I feel so tired, moreover I have no TV here :') lol I never watched TV here, I also have limited internet connectivity which was really really a pain -.-

Sometimes, I want to go out to take a breath and refreshing my mind, may be by hanging out with some friends, watching movies, etc but I almost didn't have a suitable time for doing that.... T_T Such a pity. Okay, I must survive for now. Let me fighting for this all and finish it as soon as possible. Luckily, I have so much kindly friends over the internet (The Chatroom community) also in the real life, especially my mom who always support me, all GIA ID members, my college friends also my family and moreover I have GOD who always protect and support me.

Well that's all. Sorry for no update for almost a year XD hope you're doing well. Thank you for your time to read this unimportant chit-chat from me :p also thanks for all your support so far, there're some great events happened because of this blog ;). Last word, I don't know what I must say again... just my big deep thank you for you, all readers.

If you interest to follow my activity or latest news from me, you can follow me at Facebook, Twitter, G+ and YouTube. If you're an enthusiast gamer, no matter you're Indonesian or not, don't forget to visit Games In Asia Indonesia for the latest news about Games In Asia and don't forget to check my blog, Indie Gems too for some references about great hidden gems inside the App Store, Google Play nor another Platforms ;). If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask me using one of those social media site. Thank you so much for your support and bye, see you next time :)


Yesi Livera

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