Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tighten your seat belt n let your eyes decide

When u read my post title, what do u think? Why I wrote something unconnected ? What is the relationship between eyes with seat belt?
Wow... That's so far...
However, today I will share something about one of my favorite iOS game which developed by Chillingo Ltd. Though, this game isn't a new game, but it's okay to be shared.

An adventure game with a simple control to play. I've played this game since my iOS is 4.3.4, after I upgraded my iOS to iOS 5.1 , I just wait till this game become free, n finally it's free now.
Madcoaster is about a coaster with some passengers inside it. Your job is keep the coaster safe and go to the longest distance as far as u can.
Right now, my longest distance is about 14.000 M, n I will play it again to beat my old score.. ~:)

It's look like easy, but wait the tracks not easy as u think...
The most things that make u failed is the coaster tracks.
There are many kinds of tracks from flat to steep, up to down, entering the hoop, etc.
Hit the small, rare, big birds or animals to gain higher score.
This game also integrated with Game Center, so u can see your score on leader board n unlock some achievement too.

There are 3 standard power up from this game.
Coin magnet
Bird Magnet
Adrenaline Rush : this is the most difficult power up, cause u must be really carefully to control your coaster, moreover if u have reach more than 10.000 M distance. Beside your coaster which more faster, adrenaline rush give the boost to the coaster...

If u are not be careful, u will game over at that time.

There are different environment for play. It randomly use when u play the game. Completed the objectives to collects multiple score.
Oh, almost forgot... Keep your eyes on the game or you will be Game Over in a short time.
Player can buys other characters, tracks, utilities, coaster, or upgrade the power up with coins.
Collected coins by playing the game or buy in-app purchase.
Unlock new environment by gain 10.000 M in single play or bought it for $0,99

Wait, I haven't told how to play...
It's simple, just tap the screen to jump, slide up to go to the higher track, or slide down to go to the lower track, tap and hold in jet packs mode.

So, are u eager to play?
Click the link below to download
Madcoaster for iOS devices

Please note: i never write this for benefit or something for profit. This review is based as my personal use/ experiments. I'm not promoting here. Thank you for your attention

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