Monday, April 8, 2013

Overkill 2: Kill Madness

If usually, I play puzzle, adventure, simple platformer, music, arcade games. I also like RPG too, such as KRPG, but unfortunately never finished the game... Normally, I only play until 88-95% progress :P

And this time I try a new genre (game), a FPS (First-Person Shooter) game. I never pay attention about this genre before, moreover to play kind of this game cause I think it might be boring (okay... may be because I'm a girl :P). However, I definitely have wrong mind this time. I hooked up in to this... and I realize that a FPS game is so much fun to play.. (That's why my friend whos a girl too is so in love to play a fps game :D , and now i know how does it's feel.. :* seriously, it's really fun and challenging to play.. lol)

Okay, I tried Overkill 2 game. I might not ever play the first one (Overkill), but it doesn't matter, also I don't think the game has a sequel story line related into the first one. Cause the game is only shoot, shoot, and shoot, and survive as long as you can. I'll post some tips and trick of this game later. 

Overkill 2 has been released since late last month on some AppStore only. Finally, Craneballs released it worldwide on April 4.

There's no story line in this game. All you need to do is kill your enemies. There are 2 mode of the games, Battle mode and Survival Mode. The battle mode consists of 20 stages for each area (current version has 3 area, so total there're 60 battles). It's kind of Tower Defense game, which some wave (enemies) come to attack you, and you must survive till the wave cleared. And to defense your self, you need to shoot all of your enemies. Nah, here is the best part.

In the first time, I found it might bit weird for me to play, but it's really attract my reflex to shoot. So, after a few minutes, I know how to play the game properly.
The control are great , the left screen is to set the position of your gun, and the button in the right screen is for shooting. To reload the bullets, just shake your device or reload it manually using the reload button in the right side.
There're many kinds of enemies, and if you want to play the game and win it , all you need to do is learn how your enemies work and search their weakness. ;)
Some power ups box, such as Air-Strike (BOM), Healthy Box (+30% health), Armor are really useful during the game, so don't forget to shoot the boxes too when you see them.

In the survival mode, play and survive as long as you can. The health is based by your multiplier, in the first time you only got 2 multiplier, equip some armor or level up your rank to increase your multiplier. If your health is decreased to zero, your multiplier is decrease too, and you'll die whenever your multiplier goes 1. You can switch the gun during the gameplay, so you can easily shoot enemies with your favorite gun. Currently, I only have 3 guns, 2 of them is black market guns which I got for free (the developer is still generous, they give the premium gun for free). They are AK47 gold (can be used while you reach rank 8) and MP40 (rank 3). Not too bad, but as you play the harder level, their performance are bit dissapointed. (I know.. i know, better to buy another guns) but I prefer to save my money for buying the best gun of all may be I'll buy Famas (still need to level up my rank, since it only be used on rank 19), so right now I only use 3 of them and upgraded them to max for playing the game, may be will buy another one later... (I have spent my money to buy armors :'( need to gain more money)

The game is free-to-play. However, I don't think the IAP is agressive enough, there're about 30 kinds of guns in the shop, also Black Market guns. The game has 2 kinds of currency, coins and overkill medals. You'll get 5 medal for each time you level up or complete some missions. The coins which you can get is about 3000-5000 for each playing in battle mode, and relative for survival mode. Only, if you want to buy the best guns directly, you'll need to buy the IAP, but if not, the grinding is so much fun. Just do the grinding on survival mode. 

Unlock the survival mode on rank 10 (if i'm not wrong, forget for this one), 15, and 20.
In the shop, you can also prepare your army from head to toe (build your best armor to defense yourself). Buy some grenade or medkit if necessary.

Right now, I'm in level 15, and I still need some friends (Ps: friends can help you to revive / continue the game without pay any medals), if you need an ally, just add my GC ID okay... Don't forget to mention it on your friend request message, so I can know if you play Overkill 2 too. :)

Download Overkill 2 for iOS Devices

Note: It will coming soon in to android, I'll update the link later after they release it.

Graphic: 4.5 of 5 (the graphics are good, some explode effects make the games more alive, the bloody thing also nice :) )
Sound/ Music: 4 of 5 (No need to background music afterall, the bullets shooting sound also breath sound effect are already good for kind of this game)
Gameplay: 4.5 of 5 (Controls are good enough, can set the sensitivity on options menu. Bit monotone gameplay, but still fun to play. IAP are not agressive....Totally, a  nice game to play)
Replay Value: 4 of 5 (Kind of replay value here is the survival mode, try to be the best in the leaderboard. I wish they integrated the global leaderboard into the GameCenter Leaderboard too. The various missions make this game has more good replay value.)

Overall: 4.25 of 5 
Overkill 2 is a good FPS game to play, though it'll bit monotonous to see the same environments during the 20 stages. Fortunately, the challenging gameplay can hide this minus side, many kind of customization guns (the upgrade) make the game more interesting. So, what can i say anymore, just try this game and decide it by yourself :)

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