Saturday, January 19, 2013

Top 5 Endless Runner Games for your Phone

Hola, hmmm... Long time no posting... I've been busy with my college, and btw, Happy new year *Oh, man that's too late u know... :P it's okay, since this will be my first post in this year... LOL

A bit story, before I continuing my writing. I spent my holiday go to Trans Studio Bandung, it's kind of indoor amusement park, that's located in Trans Studio Mall. The entrance ticket cost IDR 250.000 or about $25, but dude, I went there on December 31, 2012 and you know what? It's so crowded, the queue was so loooong... Finally, I decided to upgrade the ticket into VIP class cost IDR 250.000, so total for the ticket I spent about $50.
I've tried all the games right there such as Vertigo ( it's kind of game which you will be twirled in to 360 degree in high speed to), Giant Swing (game which you will be swing into 180 degree, the wind blowed so high during this game), Freefall Ride, etc. I only didn't come to Dunia Lain (Ghost House), I just don't like kind of that game.

Alright, alright forget about that, actually, I will post some recommended games for you.. N today's topic is Endless Runner Game, so who got the first place?
Here we go...

5. One Epic Knight

Endless runner game with medieval theme...
For this one, I give score 3.75/5

Download One Epic Knight for iOS

4. Subway Surfers

Endless runner with railway station theme, escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. Score : 4/5

Download Subway Surfer for iOS

Download Subway Surfers for Android

3. Punch Quest

Punch Punch and Run. See my review here Download link also available
Score: 4.375/5

2. Dumb Runner

This one isn't popular as the other one, but why this game can be my second choice. Later, I'll write the review. Three words to describe this game "Simple but Tricky"
For this one, I give 4.5/5

Download Dumb Runner for iOS

1. Temple Run 2

UPDATE: Temple Run 2 DL for Android

Last one, my first choice is Temple Run 2, besides this one is an editor's choice in AppStore, for me, this one is the best sequel of Temple Run too. Better graphics, more environments, many power ups, make me definitely choice this one for the first place.
The score is 4.75/5 , I want to give this 5/5 actually, but unfortunately, my hand just typing it like that.. LOL

Download Temple Run 2 for iOS


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