Friday, February 15, 2013

Daemon Amor: Nice game for your valentine day...

Hello, everyone... i've been busy with my exams last in several days, but finally, its over... Yeah! Anyway, Happy Valentine all!

If you're looking for a game to accompany you on Valentine days, may be this game is quite nice for you. Alright, may be V'day is yesterday, n I just post this game today, but nevermind. I'm addicted to this game actually.. :P

Daemon Amor

An endless flying game with love theme... The story tell if one day, there's a daemon who comes from hell, and involuntary, it met with a Cupid, who's angry and decide to retired for being a Cupid.. Hmm? The Cupid throws the heart and its wings. Luckily, the daemon saw it and use the wings, also eat the heart too.
Unfortunately, daemon is still daemon, it's looks like its stomach reject the love, so the daemon needs to spread the love by spew it on sad people...

Wait? Spew? That's looks rude and impolite..
Hahaha... Come on, it just a game.. By spewing on sad people, It make them become a happy person and dancing gangnam style... LOL
The game control is so simple, the left button used to fly, and right button to spew.. Make a consecutive direct hits to gain multiplier. Be careful not hit with another Cupids, tree, powerlines, or lamp posts.

Which I love from this game is the back song... Man, it's really really a sad song at the first time playing, but after you did your first spew, the music changes into a happy song, which really really cheerful to be hear.
The graphic is a 2D graphic, not too colorful, dominant with black and white. Additional color only for happy person, the environment is simple too. However, it's all comfortable to be seen.
So, neither you're single, or in a relationship. I recommend you all to try this game... It's still free till now, and it has leaderboard also achievements on Game Center.

Graphic: 4/5 (Simple but adoring)
Sound: 5/5 (Really nice to be listen repeatedly)
Gameplay: 3/5 (Simple, I wish for some power ups)
Replay value: 4/5 (You will try to give love more and more ;D)
Overall: 4/5 (Quite fun to accompany your valentine, this will be better with some power ups or ability to customize the character)

Download Daemon Amor

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