Monday, May 13, 2013

Introducing my New Blog

Hi, everyone I decided to make a new blog... In this blog, I mainly focus into indie games on iOS platform or I can say it as hidden gem. That's why my new blog named Indie Gems . Actually, it's not for indie developers only, but for all small developers with potential and great iOS apps to be showed. Here is my introducing post

I'll try to keep both of my blogs up to date. However, it's not easy enough since I'm still in school and I have a part-time job too. Your support will keep me along in to this. If you found a great indie iOS / Android game, please let me know. I'll try to put it in to my blog.
I know if my blog is so far from the word of "Perfect", but I'll try my best to make this blog better than before.
If you like my blog, please help me to share and spread it to the world. You're not help me only but also other people, especially for indie developers.

Why I choose iOS/ Android?
Because, I love to play games especially on iOS. Beside, I've limited budget and can't afford PC game's price yet. That's why I choose mobile platforms. People often look into popular or experienced developers only. Sometimes they're forget if indie or new developers can make great games too. That's why I prefer Indie first..

In this blog, I won't post about games only, you might found other informations here. However, in my other blog, you'll  find all about games only, especially indie games. That's why I decided to separate it. Don't worry if you're too lazy to visit my other blog, I'll put the link to the post here. :)
Thanks for your attention....
Have fun... and keep playing !

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