Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't try this at home...

After I graduated from my Senior High School last month. I just has nothing to do until 2 months later. I just waiting to continue my study, so because of that, I spend my day with playing game, eating, n watching TV. LOL
My blog is miserable. This my first post on 2012. Since, I didn't have any modem (broken.. ), n I have an iPad. I never open my blog anymore.. 
All right,  right now, I will take care my blog .. (if I don't forget)

Do you love playing game?
If you think game isn't important, you wrong
Game can make us think logically. Beside, it can amusing, Game made the day not boring as usual.
If u feel angry, disappointed.. Game can amuse n entertain you.
Are u angry with your boss? U already work hard, but he always angry with you..
Try this game for free.. 

You might be surprised with game... This isn't teaching you about sadism. Just for let you erasing your bad mood, angry face, disappointed feeling..
This game complete with a lot of weapon. There are 4 kinds weapons for attacking. Stationery, Knife, Gun, and Utensil. Get coins as much as you want by hit your Boss. :P
Look the trailer preview below n download it now!

Ps: You can imagine him as your boyfriend too.. LOL

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